IT Planning Strategy & Services

Your business can ill afford hiccups from your network infrastructure, much less a complete breakdown. Unfortunately, warning signs are often missing—or missed—and problems can escalate rapidly once they occur. Your best defense is to protect the health of your network with periodic assessments from ProShip. 

Our Network Infrastructure Assessment is designed to:

  • Confirm the “as-is” infrastructure configuration and documentation.
  • Provide a snapshot of the capacity utilization of the network.
  • Identify critical corrective actions to optimize your network.
  • Help your management team plan for the needs of today and in the future.

A thorough approach

Using powerful software probes we scan and collect network infrastructure data and assess the health and performance of individual key network elements in your network. These probes will automate the data collection with support from ProShip's network engineers. The probes will use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). SNMP is the protocol governing network management and the monitoring of network devices and their functions. Data will be collected from the most important devices within your infrastructure, which contribute to the overall performance and availability of your applications.

Proactive information

We review, discover and confirm the infrastructure and information systems assets. The following are Example Criteria for Proactive Assessment Reporting:

  • Detailed asset and hardware software reports
  • Application and license compliance
  • Service metrics
  • Critical application server reliability (capacity planning report)
  • Incident summary
  • Sever performance
  • System audit

This information gathering will help in the assessment and identification of technical vulnerabilities and provide the criteria for areas for improvement. A Network Infrastructure Assessment from ProShip equips you to be proactive about your network instead of reactive, taking steps to keep your network—and your business—working well.