Key Features

  • AESDirect Filing (ACE)

    ProShip is a certified ACE filings vendor, giving you fast, complete export compliance - all directly from ProShip® software.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Effectively manage freight cost by evaluating the complete transportation spend by any searchable data field.

  • Automated Rate Shopping

    Includes a time-in-transit and rate matrix that gives you information on the most cost-effective and time-efficient method of transit for all your carriers.

  • Automation

    Automate business rules specific to your company as well as your shipping and manifesting processes.

  • Multi-Mode Track & Trace

    Directly connect your on demand e-commerce or data warehouse systems to real-time and batched carrier tracking feeds.

  • Customized Labeling

    Easily meet compliant labeling requirements without having to change printers, label stock or systems, while also incorporating your branding.

  • Manifest Management

    From any workstation, perform end-of-day procedures including closing out, printing carrier manifests and transmitting manifest reports.

  • Faster Shipment Processing

    Fast, real-time processing of complex business rules and rating logic.

  • Multi-Carrier Compliance

    Certified by all major carriers and complies with ongoing rules and requirements for labeling and manifest reporting.

  • Streamline Returns

    Easily produce shipping and return labels and manifests in carrier-specified formats.

Boxes on conveyor showing shipping automation

ProShip® At A Glance

A true enterprise solution.

The flexible, powerful architecture of ProShip® is currently in use at thousands of locations around the world. ProShip® shipping software:

  • Offers the fastest, most carrier-compliant services in the industry
  • Seamlessly integrates with host systems and warehouse technologies
  • Easily scales with your business as it grows
  • Provides exceptional customer support
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Tracked packages showing complete visibility

Multi-Mode Track & Trace

A complete and unified visibility over all your delivery flows.

Directly connect your on demand e-commerce or data warehouse systems to real-time and batched carrier tracking feeds with ProShip® Track & Trace.

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Mason Companies Benefits from ProShip® Shipping Software

Mason Companies is an e-commerce company that has 11 catalogs and online stores selling everything from TVs to shoes to flooring.

ProShip® shipping software is an integral part of the company's automation and success. ProShip® handles all barcode labels – from product labels to shipping labels to return labels. Rate shopping through ProShip® has also helped Mason significantly reduce its shipping costs. As Mason continues to grow, ProShip® grows with it to make sure the company never skips a beat.

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