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Turn shipping data into actionable insight.

ProShip's scalable, cloud analytics software provides preventative and quantitative analysis of shipping data for freight and parcel shippers. Shippers receive the data needed to reduce transportation costs and identify carrier failures prior to final delivery.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • time-in-transit

    Time-in-transit matrix analysis

  • compare shipping costs

    Compare true cost between carriers

  • validate shipping rates

    Validate the shipping rate against the carrier invoice

  • reporting and analytics tools

    Reporting and analytics tools

  • real-time shipping data

    Real-time shipping data improves customer service

  • view live package exceptions

    View live package exceptions before they are problems

Build and Enhance Your Analytics Solution Based on Your Needs

The analytics model is packaged in three tiers so shippers can select a cost-effective entry point to support their business goals.

  • ProShip Dashboard

    ProShip Dashboard

    The ProShip Dashboard is comprised of metrics that are derived from near real-time shipping data. It enables the shipper to monitor data that affect production quality and customer experiences. With accurate information, you can monitor performance and modify actions while in process rather than after the fact.

    • Total Shipments
    • Service Levels
    • Ship By Zone
    • Cost
    • Transit Time
  • ProShip Analytics

    ProShip Analytics

    ProShip Analytics aggregates data directly from the carrier to achieve more advanced in-transit visibility and its relationship to promised delivery dates. With expanded data capability and cloud processing and storage, ProShip provides unique advantages unlike anything in the parcel analytic software market.

    • Current Status
    • Late Shipments
    • Manifested but Not Shipped
    • Damaged Shipments
  • ProShip Audit

    ProShip Audit

    ProShip Audit - conducted by partner ClearView Audit - combines tier 1 parcel and freight audit services with real-time data monitoring. Get actionable information within the shipper’s current production process, and add customer specific performance indicators unique to each shipper.

    • Full Parcel Audit
    • Shipping Errors
    • Carrier Errors
    • Cost by Service
    • Fraud
    • Invoice Discrepancies
    • Carrier Performance
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What if your customer never even knew there was a problem?

Real-time data from the ProShip execution system makes it possible.

The Analytics and Audit module of ProShip® Core enables shippers to proactively handle shipping problems before the customer is aware and eliminate bad experiences. The cloud event management function provides exception notices sooner to correct issues before they become problems.

Calculate and compare actual shipping cost.
Non-time-critical audit functionality can be used to calculate and compare the true shipping cost between carriers—and rank performance relative to each other. You reduce transportation spend by optimizing carriers and service level routing.

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