Hazmat Shipping

Warehouse worker applying hazmat label to a package

Hazmat Compliance

ProShip® generates all documents necessary for hazmat shipping and is designed to comply with all Government and carrier regulations.

We know that radioactive reagents have half-lives of days, or even hours, making on-time arrival extremely critical. With ProShip® Software, you can improve productivity, lower your costs and keep regulations up-to-date all while avoiding fines and returned shipments.

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  • Improve Productivity

    ProShip® provides your employees with simple point-click-ship technology allowing them to be more productive with fewer errors.

  • Lower Costs

    Reduce labor costs by eliminating unnecessary steps and manual processes so your employees can focus on order fulfillment.

  • Keep Regulations Up-To-Date

    ProShip® supports printing of your 49CFR and IATA declarations and keeps them up-to-date.

  • Increase Revenue

    Increase your package volume and fulfill more orders by streamlining your hazmat shipping processes.

  • Multi-Carrier Compliant

    Easily produce shipping labels, manifests and hazmat documents in carrier-specified formats.

  • Avoid Fines/Returned Shipments

    Eliminate fines and returned shipments by ensuring that your hazmat packages are labeled correctly and the shipping papers are accurate.

Perkinelmer Case Study cover

ProShip® Delivers Hazmat Compliance and SAP Integration for PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer produces and ships reagents used in life sciences research and diagnostics, more than half of which are radioactive. ProShip® automated the complicated paperwork of hazardous and radioactive materials, which specify that the packing slip, the shipping label and a dangerous goods form must all be present with the correct box.


ProShip® is designed to optimize any shipping environment.

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