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ProShip is a certified vendor for ACE filings giving you fast, complete export compliance - directly from ProShip's interface.

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The World is Your Market

If the world is your market, you already know that while the ability to ship products globally can contribute to the success of your company, it also presents a new set of challenges.

As the most compliant multi-carrier shipping software in the market, ProShip® can help you master the complexities of international trade.

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ProShip, Inc. Becomes a Certified Vendor for ACE (AESDirect) Filings

Quickly and easily automate the AES filing process directly from ProShip® Software.

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Multi-Carrier Shipping

Ship the most economically when costs are the highest.

ProShip® not only handles shipping to other countries around the world, but also handles shipping from other countries around the world. Just as ProShip® is capable of supporting new carriers domestically, the same engineering is applied to add carriers and their services for other countries.

Automatic rate shopping among international carriers assures you’re shipping the most economically when costs are the highest.

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Make International Shipping as Easy as "Scan and Ship"

Whether you're shipping to Asia, Europe or South America, ProShip® performs the differing regulatory steps and produces the required documentation and customs forms, such as:

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Shipper Export Declaration
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ProShip® Automates Trek's Global Shipping Operations, Saving Time and Money

“We had been running ProShip® in the U.S. for about a year, and then decided to roll it out to our European locations. Our Netherlands facility was the first to implement the system and it was by far our most complex integration,” said Tom Spoke, Trek’s IT Global Distribution Manager.

Before ProShip®, freight rating selection and rate settings were handled by a manager who directed employees to the carrier they should use, depending on the type of bike, the country it was being shipped to and the sales level. Adding to the challenge was the fact that Trek uses many different carriers in Europe.

“One carrier has one zone for a whole country. Other carriers have eight or nine zones per country. Now all of the zones can be loaded into ProShip®, and it determines which carrier with the best rate is going to which country,” said Geneo Helmink, European Logistics Manager.

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