Introducing Zenda

A new cross-border solution specifically designed for e-commerce.

Zenda fills the void between fast but expensive express shipping and cheap but slow postal shipping; delivering from your shipping location to your customers' store in 4-7 days and with prices that are much less than express options. All packages are delivered with door-to-door tracking with duties and taxes paid up front so there are no nasty surprises.

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FedEx Diamond Status and Provider of the Year 2018

Zenda Removes the Challenges of Shipping

Fast and affordable international shipping.

Cross-border shipping was never built with simplicity – until now. Zenda fills the void between express and postal delivery, with a single upfront cost and end-to-end tracking from your fulfilment center to your customer’s door.

Shipping Globally

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More than 80 Flights a day to the UK from 20 US Cities

  • Over 50% of all e-commerce spend in the US is now through a single marketplace provider. The need for expanding your target market has never been more important.
  • Direct flights with delivery partners ensure a lightning fast, simplified delivery. Build a loyal consumer base in the world's most dedicated e-commerce consumer markets.
  • The UK is an attractive opportunity for any online retailer. With the highest internet penetration globally and an English speaking population of 65 million, it is the 3rd largest e-commerce market in the world.
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Zenda Benefits

  • You Own the Flights

    Zenda unites the world's leading airline groups onto a single e-commerce shipping platform. We bring the middle mile to the checkout for a better shipping experience for your customers.

  • Built for E-Commerce

    Zenda will partner with leading shopping carts to deliver a full immersive e-commerce experience. Contact us to discuss integrating the Zenda API.

  • Duties & Taxes Transparency

    We provide full landed costs to all merchants at the time of a consumer’s purchase. There is no third party checkout experience, ensuring your brand is always visible to your customers.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    By utilizing existing passenger flights, we are minimizing CO2 emissions on your deliveries. Zenda helps you be a better corporate citizen.

Download Zenda Brochure

Download Zenda Brochure

Discover how Zenda gives shippers more cross-border shipping options
and customers a more streamlined and hassle-free experience.

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Coming Soon to Zenda

  • Added Customers

    Adding US-to-Europe gives you direct access to 500,000,000 more e-commerce customers.

  • Shopping Cart Integration

    In 2018, Zenda will connect directly with the shopping carts of thousands of US-based merchants.

  • Open API

    In 2018, Zenda will release an open API, allowing any shipper to take advantage of the Zenda offering.

Integrate Zenda today and expand your international market