Multi-Mode Track & Trace

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Multi-Carrier Tracking with Ease

Managing various delivery flows operated by multiple carriers is key to ensuring the best overall customer experience.

ProShip's Multi-Mode Track and Trace solution offers complete and unified visibility over all your delivery flows to measure your carriers’ quality of service and to be proactive when reporting delivery incidents and exceptions to your customers.

Directly connect your on demand e-commerce or data warehouse systems to real-time and batched carrier tracking feeds. This allows your customers to track their parcel's journey directly from your website or e-commerce store.

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How Track and Trace Works

The technical guts.

  • Gather real-time data from carrier Web services and Web API’s
  • Gather periodic, scheduled, individual or bulk data from assorted carrier EDI files.
  • Allow external systems to request tracking status of a given package.
  • Execute business rules during defined steps of the process and independently on a per-carrier basis.
  • Process data for each configured carrier independently of one another.
  • Updates, configuration changes and resolving hardware failures can happen with no downtime.

Key Benefits for Multiple Stakeholders

  • Warehouse streamlining shipping

    Logistics Department

    • Track the service quality of your carriers
    • Achieve a consolidated view on all deliveries
    • Receive better data to help strategize carrier contracts and pricing
  • ProShip customer service representative

    Customer Service

    • Quickly access all delivery data within your own systems
    • Get automatic notifications of delivery incidents/exceptions that allow you to be more proactive with your customers
    • Receive up to 40% less calls from customers about their order location
  • Happy customer opening a package

    Your Customers

    • Receive automatic emails or text notifications at key steps of their order's journey
    • Have direct access to track their own order
    • Realize a better post-purchase customer experience
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