ProShip® Server

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The "Heart" of the ProShip® Product Suite

With ProShip® Server, computer workstations across the company can access ProShip’s functionality and data via your existing corporate network. You can also link ProShip® Server to your company’s Intranet Web services using any Internet browser with no special program installations required.

The ProShip® Server Houses

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Carrier Modules

Our relationships with the major carriers give our clients access to a broad range of services. We develop and maintain these relationships so you don’t have to.

ProShip® enables you to shop around for the best possible shipping rate, with real-time prices available around the clock. You have the power to choose the best value for every shipment, leveraging your multi-modal and multi-carrier services.

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User Interfaces

ProShip® can be delivered as a desktop client (ProShip® Velocity) with rich integration options, as a browser-based client ( ProShip® Office), or you can connect any of your systems through our application programming interface (ProShip® SDK).

User Interfaces

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ProShip® Enterprise Queuing System (EQS)

With ProShip®, you can test and apply updates while you ship, with no downtime . ProShip® EQS handles incoming requests and dispatches them to a series of in-memory server instances. This ensures maximum reliability and unparalleled speed.

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