ProShip® Office

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ProShip® Office (Browser-based)

Ship from anywhere.

ProShip® Office is the ultimate solution for companies using multi-carrier shipping. It offers everything necessary to track, report and rate packaging costs. Best of all, it performs all of these tasks through one integrated, easy-to-use solution.

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ProShip® Office Overview

Designed by engineers who know the logistics involved in multi-carrier shipping, ProShip® Office gives you the ability to use Web-based shipping like never before. Whatever the particular operating methods you use, ProShip® Office can adapt to them.

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Key Features

  • Web-based System

    ProShip® Office is our browser-based, desktop solution that extends rating and shipping capabilities into your company via a Web browser.

  • The Power of the Dashboard

    ProShip® Dashboard gives you immediate access to reports, KPI’s and shipping rates outside of the shipping process, empowering you to make quick, informed decisions that satisfy both your business and your customers.

  • The Power of Reporting

    ProShip® Reporting provides a comprehensive reporting solution that not only allows review of current shipping status, including tracking, but also provides complete visibility of your shipping history.

  • The Power of Shipping

    With ProShip® Office, you can quickly ship a package with inventory coming from your corporate store, your distribution centers or one of your vendor sites using the service determined by your company business rules, directly from any desktop.

  • Fully Customizable

    Once ProShip® Office has been configured for your company’s unique processes, the system maximizes automation efficiencies and makes employee adoption easy.

  • ACE Filings (International)

    ProShip is a certified ACE filings vendor, allowing you to quickly and efficiently automate the AES filing process directly from ProShip® software. Learn More!

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Ease of Integration

Seamless integration streamlines shipping.

ProShip® is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, technologies and to simplify the shipping process. It can be customized for your needs, business rules and processes.

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Why ProShip?

We go way beyond the basics.

Every company’s shipping needs are uniquely determined by the nature of the business, the carriers it uses, its business systems and other factors. As a result, ProShip® was developed to optimize warehouse shipping in virtually any environment.

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