ProShip® Velocity

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ProShip® Velocity (Warehouse Client)

Taking multi-carrier shipping automation to the next level.

Any multi-carrier shipping system can save some money in employee time and rating. We go way beyond the basics to streamline your logistics department to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

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ProShip® Velocity Overview

Fast, high-volume shipping is where ProShip® Velocity excels. It can handle multiple warehouses with the most challenging business rules and complex multi-carrier requirements. And with added automation embedded into your shipping processes, ProShip® Velocity will help you reduce overhead, reduce shipping costs and eliminate costly shipping errors.

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Key Features

  • Client Server System

    Computer workstations access ProShip’s shipping functionality and data from a central server. This modular approach enables you to select components that can scale from a single workstation to a complete enterprise solution.

  • Rate Shopping

    ProShip® Velocity incorporates all of the negotiated rates your company may have with each carrier, as well as the current published rates. So you have a complete picture of pricing at any given moment.

  • Scalable, High-volume Shipping

    With the fastest carrier rating engines in the industry, ProShip® is engineered to handle multiple warehouses with complex shipping methods, procedures and business rules.

  • Fully Customizable Solution

    Whether it’s shipping from a store, distribution center, vendor, manufacturing site or using the cloud, our global automation will work with your systems.

  • Real-time Monitoring of Orders

    ProShip® makes it easy to monitor package status, tracking numbers, productivity reports, delivery status or access just about any type of reporting feature required.

  • ACE Filings (International)

    ProShip® is a certified vendor for ACE filings allowing you to quickly and easily automate the AES filing process directly from ProShip® software. Learn More!

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Ease of Integration

Seamless integration streamlines shipping.

ProShip® is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, technologies and to simplify the shipping process. It can be customized for your needs, business rules and processes.

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Why ProShip?

We go way beyond the basics.

ProShip® is a true enterprise class "one stop shop" shipping and manifesting solution. We do the development, engine creation/certification, integration, engineering, deployments and support all with in-house staff.

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