ProShip Announces Partnership with ERP Integrated Solutions

ProShip Announces Partnership with ERP Integrated Solutions

ProShip will Provide Integrated Shipping Software Solutions to Customers Using SAP Enterprise Application Software

The partnership with ERP-IS gives ProShip customers access to the SAP multi-carrier solution, including SAP-specific resources, consultants and programmers, as well as interfaces to SAP technologies including its newest solutions, SAP Hana® and SAP Fiori®.

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ShipERP™ Multi-Carrier/Multi-Mode

ShipERP™ Multi-Carrier/Multi-Mode

The complete shipping solution for SAP.

ShipERP is a fully integrated SAP shipping solution designed to run on the SAP Netweaver® Technology Platform to perform real-time carrier:

  • Rate quoting
  • Shipment creation
  • Shipment tracking
  • Proof of delivery
  • Label/document printing

An SAP® Certified Solution

Designed and certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver® and SAP HANA®.

ProShip ShipERP is an SAP certified shipping solution
Delivery man with packages showing how multi-carrier shipping is easy

Multi-Carrier Shipping Has Never Been Easier

The days of maintaining multiple carrier shipping stations is a thing of the past!

ShipERP™ fully integrates with the leading carrier systems. As an added benefit, ShipERP™ can be integrated into Third Party Logistics (3PL) Provider systems to leverage the visibility into carrier capacity, optimize transportation spending and provide a complete and cost-effective solution.

Through integration, ShipERP can automatically update the sales order, delivery and shipment with the forwarding agent, freight cost, tracking number, tracking status and any other process required by your business process.

Why Choose ProShip ShipERP?

There are many reasons, but the most obvious is the ability to have a single shipping platform that resides completely within SAP. No middleware required!

  • Technology Architecture

    ShipERP is written completely in SAP ABAP and resides in its own SAP Namespace, giving you a complete single platform for all your shipping processes.

  • Flexibility

    ShipERP™ provides multi-carrier/multi-mode shipping functionality encapsulated in function modules that can be called from anywhere in your business process without losing functionality, keeping development costs within budget.

  • Compatibility

    ShipERP™ runs on all versions of SAP ERP starting with SAP R/3 4.7 through ECC 6.0, with optional integration to SAP TM, CRM, EWM, and NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP PI).

  • Configurable Design

    ShipERP is designed with a configurable architecture which resembles that of standard SAP configuration. This allows for more business logic to be addressed with configuration as opposed to heavy development.

Ship:ERP Create a Shipment screen showing ProShip integration with SAP

Features & Benefits

A complete turn-key SAP shipping solution.

  • Packing and shipping integration
  • Domestic and international shipments (certified ACE vendor)
  • Rate shopping among your carriers, services and modes
  • Printing of all labels and documents
  • Enterprise track and trace
  • Enterprise proof of delivery
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We went from 2-3 days to provide proof of delivery for a disputed invoice to immediate availability. With the new system, any of my staff can retrieve and email a proof to a customer, even before they get off the phone.

Pam Scorpio, Head of Accounts Receivable at StyleMark Inc.
Lady signing off on a package delivery to show ProShip ROI business drivers

ROI Business Drivers

Adhere to SAP best practices while lowering costs.

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase distribution efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduce future development and maintenance costs
  • Performance and cost-tracking capabilities
  • Carrier compliancy
  • Proof of delivery

Other ShipERP Modules

  • Address Validation
  • Extended Warehouse Management
  • Shipment Planning / Transportation Management
  • Denied Parties Screening
  • Freight Audit
  • Hazardous Material
  • Sales Order Integration
  • Supplier Portal
  • Carrier Portal
  • Ocean Freight Management

Ready to increase distribution efficiency and accuracy?