Announcing ProShip's New Website

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New and improved website highlights shipping software, refreshed content and improved navigation

ProShip is excited to announce a new and improved facelift of our website featuring our #1 Automated Multi-Carrier Shipping Software. Our main goal when creating the new design was to serve more tailored content on an individual-by-individual basis. This way, visitors from certain industries or visitors with certain pain points are directed to content most relevant to their needs. The new website features...

Improved navigation through a new “mega menu”: The new mega menu showcases all navigation options in the main panel allowing users to find shipping solutions and information quickly, based on your industry and pain points.  

Heightened focus on software: Returning to our core, the new website focuses on our #1 solution - shipping software. Our expertise in the shipping and supply chain space is unmatched - just ask our founding fathers!

Greater emphasis on content: Got content? Oh yes we do! Our site has been tailored to deliver more relevant content to you throughout your journey. Bingeing has never been easier, so happy reading!

Our Favorites

1) Shipping Software under “Solutions” - oh yeah, the meat and potatoes.

2) Challenges under “Why ProShip” - who says learning can’t be fun... find actionable tips and helpful resources aimed at solving your shipping challenges.

3) Beyond the Box under “Solutions” - our Beyond the Box campaign tells another story to shipping - beyond cardboard and labels. Meaning, we understand that your business is not about shipping boxes. It’s about delivering experiences to your customers that matter to them - experiences that keep them coming back to your business time and time again.

4) Downloads under “Resources” - get your binge on with white papers, product brochures, infographics, eBooks, on-demand webinars, Q&A’s, case studies and more.

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