Are Your Shipping Costs Spooking Your Customers?

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It’s important to note that it’s actually shipping and returns that conclude the shopping experience, not the order button.

2017 State of Shipping in Commerce ReportIt’s no secret. Shippers need both a seamless shopping and shipping experience to keep online shoppers coming back. According to the ProShip State of Shipping report, “retailers will be playing catch up to shoppers who yearn for seamless shopping experiences unhindered by shipping friction across time, device, or vehicle.”

Many shippers believe that the customer experience ends with the “order” button, but it’s important to note that it’s actually shipping (including returns) that concludes the experience of online shopping and alters customer lifetime value.

For instance, when an online shopper is presented with a single shipping option of receiving their item after the date they need it by, an average of 47% of the shoppers will abandon their cart and go with a competitor’s site that offers better delivery options, so the customer can receive it within the timeframe needed. And that’s nothing – 54% of shoppers will abandon their carts because of expensive shipping. That’s more than half of your customers!

Spooky Tweets from Customers

The expectations don’t stop there. Customers are also anticipating high e-commerce technology growth within the next 1-3 years, including being able to access shipping via their mobile devices, Amazon Prime-style memberships, Uber and drone deliveries, chatbots, and real-time tracking - all of which cater to seamless online shopping experiences.

With consumers’ constant wants turning into high expectations, it is important for retailers to be flexible when it comes to shipping and returns. The better the experience, the more likely shoppers are to repeat business, leave good reviews, recommend to their peers, and nurture trust with the company they bought from. Shipping and returns are what ends the shipping experience, so if the shipper wants repeated business and good reviews, the shipping and returns experience must be easy and transparent to the consumer.

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