Wins USPS E-commerce Shipping Award with the Help of Automated Packing

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USPS Awards with the first Innovation in E-Commerce Shipping Award at 2017 National Postal Forum.

2017’s National Postal Forum (NPF), the mailing and shipping industry’s premier trade show and networking event, was recently held in May. It’s the only event that works directly with USPS managers to provide the most comprehensive educational and networking platform possible for meeting industry postal needs.

Typically during the conference, USPS gives out awards in the categories of innovation and technology. This year, USPS wanted to focus on innovation in both the mailing area and the package services area to represent the full scope of their customers, so this was the first year they gave out an award for Innovation in E-Commerce Shipping.

About the Award

USPS presents the Innovation in E-Commerce Shipping Award to companies who have gone to great lengths to implement new technologies to maximize efficiencies in converting hard copy catalog orders, web based customer orders and hard copy/digital requests for fulfillment into package volume. The implementation of these processes must have improved their productivities and streamlined their operations while increasing value to the overall mailing industry.

Along with numerous other e-commerce companies,, an online retail company that specializes in selling outdoor gear and clothing, was nominated by their USPS representative when she came to visit their facilities. When told the rep about their future automation plans and showed videos of the CVP-500 Automated Packing Machine, she was in awe. Not to Backcountry’s knowledge, the USPS rep put in a nomination for them to win the Innovation in E-Commerce Shipping Award.

Before the Nation Postal Forum, all of the nominees selected by their area USPS leadership were reviewed by the Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Relations. Come decision time, came out on top.

Why Backcountry Took Home the Prize

As one of the nation’s largest outdoor supply companies, continuously seeks new ways to increase efficiency and improve customer experience via in-house analytics and data-driven supply chain decision-making. ships a wide variety of parcel sizes, so the company needed to consolidate shipping supplies. began its research and came up with a solution that would decrease packaging labor and reduce shipping and dimensional (DIM) weight costs: the new CVP-500 Automated Packing Machine. This automated system is currently up and running in their Virginia fulfillment center, with the second scheduled to be operational in Utah by June 2017.

“It’s great to be recognized by a national shipper for innovations that not only benefit us but also benefit the environment and the carriers. Ultimately for us, the CVP-500 leads to more efficient processes and reduces costs,” says Jeff Carter, Senior Vice President, Fulfillment Operations. expects to process numerous e-commerce orders through the CVP-500, which can produce upwards of 350 packages per hour. The benefits of this unique machine impacts and its transportation partners through reduced overall volume, allowing carriers to increase package counts on their trucks and planes.

More About the CVP-500

The CVP-500 is a unique, fit-to-size packing machine that automates and optimizes all steps of package fulfillment for single and multi-item orders with variable dimensions. As soon as the order has been picked, the CVP-500 builds, fills, folds and labels each parcel in one seamless process.

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