E-Commerce Leader, Cdiscount, Uses Fit-to-Size Parcels for Every Order

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Cdiscount is the top e-commerce company in France that offers a wide variety of goods such as electronics, auto and motorcycle products, household items and clothing and sends out over 15 million parcels to its customers every year. Over time, Cdiscount invested in research and development of innovative packing solutions to streamline their packaging; however, the technology that they used enabled them to only adjust the height of the package and not the length or width.

Thanks to the CVP-500 Automated Packing Solution, Cdiscount is now able to package orders into custom fit-to-size boxes and eliminate unnecessary volume and void fill. This is a major step forward not only in relation to the brand’s carbon footprint, but also in terms of its economic impact, as Cdiscount will be able to reduce the number of trucks it puts on the road by 30%. Additionally, customer satisfaction will increase since the online retailer will be able to reduce the amount of cardboard and void fill used for their parcels.

About Cdiscount

  • A turnover of over €2,7 billion in 2015
  • 3 main distribution centers in France, including the historical site of Cestas, near Bordeaux
  • 30 million SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) offered on their online shop www.cdiscount.com
  • Over 15 million parcels shipped every year

[Download CVP-500 Brochure]

[Download CVP-500 FAQ & Technical Specifications]

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