Four Tips to Make Your Shipping Strategy Shine in 2017

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During the critical holiday shopping season, retailers are focused on the total customer experience, from websites, ordering, payments, fulfillment and packaging, to customer service and the all-important shipping and delivery. When it comes to shipping and delivery, providing a great customer experience requires speed, accuracy and on-time performance all at a competitive cost.

How retailers are affected with negative customer experiences graph

However, many retailers, especially online retailers, are strained and risk buckling under the pressure of tight delivery deadlines and anxious customers waiting for their holiday gifts. But with the right shipping strategy and execution, there are rewards to reap: increased customer loyalty, improved brand sentiment, decreased shipping costs and most importantly, revenue growth.

What’s going wrong?

With 2016’s online peak sales shattering records, retailers are susceptible to disasters such as unforeseen delivery delays that threaten to set back a customer’s order past the holidays. On the graph to the right, check out the eight outcomes that retailers experience when customers have a negative shipping experience.

In fact, only a fifth of retailers are confident that their holiday shipping process meets customer expectations. Make sure you’re one of them in 2017 with these four ProShip tips:

Four Tips to Make Your Shipping Strategy Shine ProShip Infographic
These four key strategies were developed based on the experience of some of the world’s largest retailers who saw the need for increased efficiencies and wanted to be able to provide a better customer experience.

Some customers want their order just in time to wrap it and place it under the tree, while others want their purchases earlier so they can shop a special sale or ship them to family and friends in other areas. Some customers will choose a retailer simply by the cost of shipping. Whatever your customer’s plans are, one thing is certain: they want their package on the day they expect to receive it, and at the lowest cost.

With these strategies in mind, a successful holiday shipping season is possible. Retailers who plan and incorporate these key tips before the season even begins are able to provide a great customer experience, even when demands are high. This creates a smooth and efficient holiday season for both retailers and customers alike.

The gap between consumer expectation and shipping capability is growing.
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