Futureproof Your Business with Shipping and Automated Packing at Modex 2018

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ProShip to highlight automated packing and multi-carrier shipping in April at Modex

ProShip is excited to be exhibiting in booth #B4621 at Modex 2018 in Atlanta. The show will be held at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center from April 9-12. As the speed of Register for Modex 2018manufacturing and supply chain operations continues to accelerate, the future of the industry depends on today’s forward-thinking decisions. Powered by MHI, Modex gives attendees access to over 850 of the leading technology providers and supply chain solutions that allow them to “futureproof your business”.

Looking forward to the best long-term solution

Businesses should always be evaluating features, cost savings and efficiencies to determine which solutions are best for their business needs right now, and more importantly, for where their needs will be in the future.

For example, the supply chain labor force has dwindled and is facing a major skill shortage. Increases in demand, combined with an aging workforce, means that what was once simply a gap is now becoming a crisis. So instead of taking jobs away from humans, automation technologies are simply filling opportunities that businesses are unable to fill with human labor.

One of the newest technologies that are decreasing labor for retail, third party logistics and manufacturers is the 3D (dimensional) automated packing solution. As soon as an order has been picked, 3D automated packing solutions, such as our CVP, build, fill, fold and label single and multi-line orders with variable dimensions in one seamless process. The major benefit that companies are receiving is the replacement of 7-10 packing stations with one machine - that’s an 88% savings in packing labor and increase in efficiency and automation.

Another technology that is “futureproofing” businesses, and one that can work in conjunction with the CVP Automated Packing Solution, is ProShip’s Multi-Carrier Shipping Software.

Shipping is one of the biggest headaches that companies are running into with regards to future growth. For instance, did you know that by 2020, same-day delivery will drive up logistics costs as a percentage of revenue by 50%? There’s absolutely no way that businesses should be shying away from utilizing a multi-carrier platform when thinking about providing extra shipping options to their customers.

Multi-carrier shipping solutions, such as ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software aid companies in selecting the best parcel carrier out of all contracted carriers based on order characteristics (weight and dimensional properties), delivery rules (delivery time and delivery zone) and carrier performance, while considering the cost differences of various carrier services. Multi-carrier shipping platforms also enable shippers to manage the creation of labels, create shipper manifests, provide tracking capabilities to customers or customer service representatives, and manage carrier rate updates.

[Watch how automated packing and shipping software work together]

At the Show

ProShip will be offering one-on-one meetings in our booth #B4621 during the duration of the conference. We would love to speak with you regarding your unique shipping and fulfillment situations and help you determine the best path to futureproofing your business.

Schedule a time to meet with us.

To keep the conversation going, ProShip will also be sponsoring a dinner reception along with Manhattan Associates on Tuesday, April 10th. To be considered for this event, please send inquiry to tpawelka@proshipinc.com.

ProShip Booth #B4621 Highlights

Fulfillment: CVP Automated Packing Solution

This award winning packing system seamlessly builds, fills, folds and labels each parcel into a custom-fit box. The CVP can eliminate 7-10 packing stations and can create a parcel every seven seconds. 3D automated packing solutions can save shippers over 30% in shipping and DIM weight costs and an average of 29% on corrugated material. On average, shippers reduce dimensional volume 45% and save about 88% in packing labor. Learn more!

Delivery: ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

ProShip enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping software is the fastest, most carrier-compliant solution in the industry. It integrates seamlessly with host systems and features a unified shipping process. When it comes to the shipping game, ProShip is the value player. We are confident that our product is the most powerful and well-built shipping solution on the market to get your orders on the truck faster and more cost effectively, largely enhancing the customer experience. Learn more!

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