The Halo Effect of Shipping

Posted on Nov 17, 2016 By kbormann Share:

The perfect customer experience is beyond the many one-off events that brands conjure up. It’s about delighting consumers with consistent best-in-class service at each and every opportunity. In today’s e-commerce realm, consistency is most needed in the area with the greatest amount of variables: shipping.

Great shipping can make a significant and immediate impact on a retail business, but more importantly, it lays the foundation for long term success. Here’s a look into the flow-on effect of a successful shipping strategy:

The Halo Effect of Shipping Diagram

With shipping perfectionists like Amazon, finding a successful shipping strategy is all the rage. To meet the expectations of today’s customers, businesses have a unique opportunity to re-imagine their supply chain and create meaningful, cost-effective customer experiences.

Start focusing on how you ship your products, how many options you give your customers and how much visibility you allow them. If you hit the mark on each one of these, you’ll be setting yourself up for a long list of loyal customers.

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