High-Throughput System Builds Custom Corrugated Boxes

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Modern Materials Handling Interviews Steve Brandt, Director of Automated Packing Solutions

E-commerce and omnichannel retailers are looking everywhere they can for reductions, says Steven Brandt, Director of Automated Packing Solutions at ProShip.

“Reductions in full-time employees, because they’re struggling to fill positions, in shipping costs due to dimensional weight (DIM weight) carrier charges, in packaging materials, in carbon footprints, and in unpleasant customer chatter—where package recipients complain about receiving a small item in a huge box,” Brandt explains.

To address those issues, ProShip offers the CVP-500 Automated Packing System, which builds a custom-sized corrugated box around orders of variable dimensions, then fills, folds and labels the resulting package every seven seconds.

What sets the CVP-500 apart from similar machines is its ability to package both single- and multi-line orders, because a sizing station creates the package based on how the items are laid out when placed on the conveyor into the system, Brandt says. Winner of the 2017 MHI Innovation Award for Best New Innovation at ProMat in April, the system can run more than 400 parcels per hour based on the level of input automation.

“With its high throughput, the CVP-500 can cut the number of manual pack stations from as many as 10, down to just one operator needed to place items into the machine, minimizing the associates needed in that area,” says Brandt.

The system also eliminates the need to stock and erect multiple sizes of corrugated boxes, as well as reduces packaging volume by up to 50%, meaning void fill is no longer necessary.

“In addition to minimizing DIM weight, carriers can fit more parcels in their trucks and the recipient has less waste to dispose of,” he continues. “Further, because we use tape instead of glue to seal the boxes, the end user can very easily re-use the same box for returns.”

Prior to printing and applying the label, the system’s integrated rate shopping software engine compares up to 70 potential carriers to determine and select the most cost-effective shipping price based on the service level expectation of the customer for further cost savings.

“Due to all of these reductions, return on investment in this machine is achieved typically in 12 months or less,” adds Brandt

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