Highlights at the E-Commerce Operations Summit 2018 You Won’t Want to Miss

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Hear about ProShip’s cross-border speaking session, reducing labor costs, streamlining shipping and more

ProShip is excited to be a platinum sponsor at this year’s E-Commerce Operations Summit in Columbus, Ohio. The show will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center from April 3-5, 2018 and will provide insight and ideas to help your entire DTC operations achieve efficiencies and improve customer experiences.

Register for the Ecommerce Operations SummitProShip will be highlighting two solutions that are currently aiding e-commerce companies in boosting the customer experience and reducing costs: Enterprise Multi-Carrier Shipping Software and the award-winning CVP Automated Packing Solution. Both solutions are accelerating business for retailers all around the world and can be used both separately and together.

[Watch how automated packing and shipping software works together]

Along with ProShip’s prime booth location in slot #503, we will also be participating in a speaking panel on international shipping. The conference session, “Cross-Border Ecommerce: The World is Your Market,” is part of the Shipping & Delivery Track and will take place on Thursday, April 5th from 11:40 AM - 12:30 PM EST. The session will cover the numbers behind cross-border shipping growth, the top international shipping headaches and their solutions, how to examine your current international process, the steps involved in exploring and jumping into cross-border and how to streamline the cross-border shipping process. This is an educational session you won’t want to miss.

As an added bonus, ProShip is offering one-on-one meetings during the duration of the conference. We’d love to speak with you regarding your unique shipping and fulfillment situations and help you determine the best path to reduced labor costs, improved cart conversion and e-commerce growth.

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ProShip Booth #503 Highlights

Fulfillment: CVP Automated Packing Solution

This award winning packing system seamlessly builds, fills, folds and labels each parcel into a custom-fit box. The CVP can eliminate 7-10 packing stations and can create a parcel every seven seconds. 3D automated packing solutions can save shippers over 30% in shipping and DIM weight costs and an average of 29% on corrugated material. On average, shippers reduce dimensional volume 45% and save about 88% in packing labor. Learn more!

Delivery: ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

ProShip enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping software is the fastest, most carrier-compliant solution in the industry. It integrates seamlessly with host systems and features a unified shipping process. When it comes to the shipping game, ProShip is the value player. We are confident that our product is the most powerful and well-built shipping solution on the market to get your orders on the truck faster and more cost effectively, largely enhancing the customer experience. Learn more!


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