News Team Investigates Retailers' Excessive Packaging in Christmas Deliveries

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The Christmas season goes hand-in-hand with piles of packages being delivered all over the world. What we often don’t expect are the piles of “void fill”, or padding, inside of those packages that we have to search through to find our items. This is increasingly becoming a huge problem in terms of wastefulness and environmental issues, and we are seeing it more than ever in 2016.

News Team Anchor with excess packaging

ITV News just recently covered this topic discovering that 40% of online shoppers are being sent deliveries in boxes that are too big, creating an extra two billion pounds of waste every year.

To test this theory, the news team ordered items from some of UK’s biggest online retailers and discovered the unfortunate: over-sized boxes for small items and excessive void fill. The most surprising order was a roll of wrapping paper packaged in a large box wrapped in about 26 feet of padding including two different kinds of bubble wrap.

Although many companies say they are in fact "green companies", they still insist on using sloppy packaging methods like over-sized boxes with oodles of void fill, which hits a nerve with customers.

Retailer Packaging Fail
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In response to OTV News’ findings, Donna Hume from Friends of Earth said, “This is a big environmental problem, especially over the Christmas period in terms of the amount of waste, energy and the amount of trees that are chopped down. There is so much more that retailers could be doing about it”.

ITV News reported that retailers have said they are committed to reducing the amount of packaging they use in deliveries after environmental campaigners urged for tougher rules to stop excessive use of padding such as bubble wrap, air bags and bundled up paper.

CVP-500 Fit-to-Size Parcel vs Manually Filled Parcel

One of the ways retailers are decreasing unnecessary void fill is using fit-to-size packaging, a process where corrugated is actually boxed right around items to avoid using any unnecessary void fill whatsoever. These fit-to-size boxes are created by an automated packing system, such as the CVP-500, that packs both single and multi-item orders with variable dimensions in a custom-fit box. With the CVP-500, retailers can create the smallest size parcel possible for each order.

Recently, the CVP-500 was awarded with Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2016 Green Supply Chain Award recognizing the automated packing machine’s ability to save up to 20% on corrugated and completely eliminate unnecessary void fill.

Not only does the CVP-500 create the perfect fit-to-size parcel every time, it also makes fulfillment faster, more reliable and more efficient than ever before. This can be achieved for businesses of all types and sizes including retail and e-commerce, 3PLs and distribution and wholesale.

So retailers, say goodbye to void fill and unhappy customers, and say hello to fit-to-size packaging with the CVP-500!

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