Parcel Lockers Ease the Increase in Package Deliveries to Residents

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According to Mintel’s Online Shopping US 2015 report, over two thirds of U.S. adults shop online at least monthly. Online shopping continues to increase as consumers enjoy the ease and convenience of home delivery. But as online shopping continues to grow, so do the delivery issues. That’s because many residents aren’t home during the day to accept their deliveries. When the recipient lives in a condominium, much of the delivery and security responsibilities fall to the association manager.

Increased Package Deliveries Add Time and Cost

Packages are either stored until the resident can pick them up or they are simply left in the lobby for residents to find and pick-up. This creates concerns about theft and misplaced deliveries. All of these services add time, cost and potential liability for the manager.

From the residents’ perspective, missed deliveries, repeat delivery attempts and returned packages are all an inconveniences and a negative aspect of the e-commerce shopping experience.

However, automated parcel lockers are the ideal solution for community association residents, managers and shippers alike.

What Are Parcel Lockers?

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Parcel lockers are an automated electronic “click and collect” system that securely store packages for easy retrieval. Parcel lockers are a safe, convenient and effective solution that ensures residents receive their packages on time.

Automated parcel lockers provide an easy, three-step process to package retrieval:

  • Package is delivered and placed into the parcel locker by the carrier. Resident receives a notification of delivery by e-mail or SMS.
  • Resident enters a one-time PIN code at the locker station.
  • Door opens for package retrieval.

Returning a package is just as easy:

  • Resident scans the package’s return label at the locker station.
  • Locker door opens and resident places the package inside.

Configuration and Features

Parcel lockers can be configured for each installation, with a variety of locker sizes available. These can range from just 3.5 X 24 inches for a small locker to 29 X 24 inches for an extra-large size. The lockers can fit almost any package.

Other features can include an industrial touch screen, camera, uninterruptible power supply, barcode reader, badge reader and tamper detection with an alarm and notification system. Optional technology includes video area monitoring and surveillance, receipt printer, siren and label printer.

Benefits of Parcel Lockers

Automated parcel lockers provide many benefits including:

  • Convenient, 24/7 access for parcel pick up
  • Total security for package delivery and reduced risk of lost packages
  • Storage of multiple homeowners’ packages in separate compartments
  • Complete tracking and accountability with a log of every package drop-off and pick-up – 100 percent chain of
  • custody
  • Electronic log record eliminates the need for required signatures
  • Residents can select either e-mail or text notification to receive their locker passcode
  • Reduced labor costs with fewer internal resources required for parcel management, distribution and pick-up. Labor savings can justify the cost of the system.
  • Ability to ship return packages, which is viewed as a valuable service by residents.

A Win-Win for Community Association Managers and Homeowners

Automated parcel lockers enhance the homeowner experience with a secure and convenient solution for package deliveries and returns. Residents can pick-up their packages whenever it is convenient for them, without needing to worry about possible theft or missed deliveries. It is shown that residents view parcel lockers as a valuable service provided by their condominium association.

Parcel lockers save time and money by eliminating the tasks of signing for, storing and distributing packages to each resident. They also save space, because there is no longer a need to store packages. Because a technical team maintains the parcel lockers, there’s no need for the board or manager to be involved in upkeep.

Automated parcel lockers are a growing trend in multi-family communities. They enhance the owner experience with a simple, effective and secure solution for package deliveries and returns.

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