ProShip is excited to announce the launch of our automated packing solution!

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The filling, packing and processing of high volumes of parcels is a labor-intensive process. Not anymore, with our new CVP-500 automated packing solution.

The CVP-500 is the best “into-the-box” solution for automated package fulfillment. This game-changing automated system packs medium and large products with variable dimensions in a custom-fit box. Once an order is picked, the CVP-500 builds, fills, folds and labels each parcel in one seamless process. This unrivaled solution can save up to 20% on corrugated and eliminates void fill – an environmentally friendly solution that provides significant cost savings.

The CVP-500 completes the work of up to 10 packing stations, and can create a parcel every seven seconds. It saves time, labor costs, working space and shipping supplies. And by creating the smallest parcel needed, it can also help you achieve the lowest possible shipping costs. This system can boost your business by making fulfillment faster, more reliable and more efficient than ever before.

Reduce DIM weight costs by creating the smallest parcel needed.

Developed and manufactured by Neopost, the CVP-500 has debuted with great success in Europe. Now, this innovative shipping solution is available in the U.S. through ProShip.

Just imagine what automated packaging can do for your business!

For more information on the CVP-500, please contact Scott Eggenberger at 260-755-2275, or visit us at CVP-500 Automated Packing Solution.

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