ProShip Heads to Mason Companies to Shoot Video Case Study #2

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The spotlight was on Mason Companies’ new CVP-500 working in tandem with ProShip Software.

A couple weeks ago, we traveled back to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, for video case study number two with e-commerce powerhouse, Mason Companies. Upon arrival, we met our creative video crew from Tilt Media and the Mason Companies team who welcomed us with open ProShip shooting video case study with Mason Companiesarms.

So why are we doing another case study with Mason Companies?

To spice things up a bit, ProShip wanted to shoot a video case study that told a fun story about how an order goes from your online shopping cart all the way through delivery (with some humor thrown in as well). We are thrilled to be able to show this at Mason companies due to their recent purchase of the CVP-500 automated packing machine.

Day one was all about Mason’s impressive automated processes. We shot footage in one of their extensive warehouses and did a ton of ProShip shooting video case study at Mason Companiesgreat scenes with Mason’s “WoW clerks”. On day two, all of the focus was on Mason’s new CVP-500 automated packing machine. When creating this case study, we wanted to show all of the benefits that the CVP-500 provides for Mason’s automation goals. Automated packing along with ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software are shown working in tandem, and you can see a complete order get placed, filled and shipped.

For those of you who don’t know, Mason Companies is an e-commerce business that has 11 catalogs and online stores where they sell everything from TV’s to shoes to flooring. Some of their popular brands include ShoeMall, Stoneberry, Masseys and Figi’s. To accommodate all of these brands’ customers, Mason can ship upwards of 50,000 orders per day, in which automation is key in their warehouses to ensure accuracy and on-time delivery.

We’d like to give a big shout out to Pat, Greg and everyone from the Mason team, as well as Lisa, Courtis, Nate, Tony and Joel on the video side, for making this case study possible! Stay tuned for the final cut!

[ Watch Mason Companies Video Case Study #1 ]

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