The State of Shipping in Commerce 2017

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The who, when, what, how and why of 2017’s retail and consumer landscape

The new State of Shipping in Commerce 2017 report has been released via our sister company, Temando. This unique report harnesses data from 270 retailers and 1,292 shoppers in the U.S. and identifies areas of change that impact everything from revenue to the customer experience.

What's Inside:

1) WHO: Get to know the retailer and consumer landscape

2) WHEN: The new online experiences that shoppers seek

3) WHAT: Challenges that retailer face today in closing the gap

4) HOW: Tactics that retailers use to improve

5) WHY: Benefits and trends to look out for

Temando’s State of Shipping in Commerce Report [DOWNLOAD] in combination with our new 2017 Customer Experience White Paper will provide you with pertinent, need-to-know information and advice to get you ready for the upcoming holiday peak season. Download the 2017 Customer Experience White Paper here.

Key Takeaways:

Poor shipping will drag you down.
A product’s journey through the supply chain, in today’s direct to consumer model, is in reality, your customer’s journey. Negative shipping experiences affect repeat purchases and ultimately the lifetime value of the customer.

Get competitive on the shipping front.
Shipping and fulfillment today have to be agile enough to meet the demands of today’s customers. Repeat customers are influenced by every shopping experience, which is often dictated by your shipping strategy.

Shoppers want options.
Although “free shipping” remains popular, customers want a variety of other shipping options as well as great tracking and returns. Without these tools, shoppers will go elsewhere.

Shipping is a profit-making tool.
Retailers who successfully use shipping as a sustainable marketing tactic reap rewards to take them to the next stage of growth such as increased sales, improved CX and reduced carrier costs.

Packaging is important.
A quick browse through social media channels shows customers opening oversized packages with loads of air bags, bubble wrap and paper. Tougher regulations, like those related to dimensional (DIM) weight, to stop the overuse of packaging are being encouraged.

BOPUS can be a deal breaker.
Last mile delivery costs have increased exponentially and many customer expect fast, free shipping. Perfect your buy online, pick-up in store strategy to offer more to your customers while reducing costs.

With $443 billion forecasted for 2017 e-commerce sales, you’ll need to be on top of everything to get the most out of the busy year. Download The State of Shipping in Commerce 2017 here.

To learn more about the customer experience, check out our new 2017 Optimizing the Customer Experience White Paper.

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