[Webinar]: Peak Planning Year-Round Opportunities: Leverage the Now for Later

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This webinar was: Thursday November 1, 2018 at 12PM CST

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You’re ready for the upcoming 2018 peak season. You’ve planned this and are hoping to exceed expectations. You’ve optimized for the delivery and returns process to the best of your ability, and you intend to maximize your profitability. You’re ready to “get through” it.

Watch Webinar On-DemandBut did you realize that the preparation for 2019’s peak season needs to happen now? Do you have strategies in place in order to track,
record and evaluate the lessons learned now, rather than trying to remember what the crux of the problem was at the end of the year?
Each peak season holds a treasure trove of information that will help optimize your supply chain and improve logistics management. Year-round peak planning is serious - don’t just “get through” it, improve it and own it.

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In this webinar:

  • Peak readiness: Retailers should currently be in this phase and what that means
  • Monitoring and support: It’s happening, now what?
  • Post-Peak Season Assessment: Determining your successes and opportunities
  • Strategic planning (2019): What to do with successes and opportunities
  • Execution: 80%-20% approach and relying on strategic partners for implementation
  • Validation: 20%-80% approach and testing phase
  • Speakers

    Justin Cramer
    Justin is the Global Project Management Director and Co-Founder of ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software. He has deployed, designed or consulted on over 300 customer shipping solutions within 4 continents and has designed shipping solutions executing more than 1.1 million labels a day. Justin has been on the IT side of shipping since 2001.

    Scott Skoff
    Scott is Vice President of Customer Support for Manhattan’s distribution management solutions in the Americas. He leads global call center operations, post implementation services, operations advisement teams, peak season preparations, and customer success management. In addition, Scott leverages his 20 years at Manhattan to lend his advice to customers when they design their world-class production support processes for Manhattan solutions.

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