Why Do Customers BOPUS?

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Download ProShip BOPUS BrochureYou hear about it when someone says “omnichannel” and you hear about it as this new retail trend, but what is this BOPUS thing all about? Well, it’s part of the click-and-collect revolution and is rapidly becoming a common acronym used for the omnichannel service “buy online, pick-up in store.” With BOPUS, customers are able to purchase products online and then pick them up from the store at their own convenience, and today’s new generation of “I want it now” shoppers love it. This is probably why it is in the top five omnichannel services offered by leading chain retailers.

BOPUS Fact: 87% of customers are very likely to recommend BOPUS to a friend40% of people have used BOPUS as an omnichannel service (and this number is rapidly increasing), but who typically uses buy online, pick-up in store? Many would think that individuals in a younger age bracket would be most likely to use a trendy service such as BOPUS, but in reality, the largest group of BOPUS-enthusiasts (52%) are consumers age 55-64. This is followed by 50% of consumers age 45-54, and consumers age 18-24 bring up the rear with 43%. And if you’re a retailer that doesn’t have BOPUS as a service, I’m sorry but 50% of consumers who’ve used BOPUS in the past would be “completely” or “very likely” to purchase the product from another retailer, while 25% said they would be “moderately likely” to look elsewhere.

Now that we’ve explained what BOPUS is, it’s time to take a closer look at exactly why today’s shoppers love it so much. There are three main reasons and they all revolve around the customer experience. When asked why they use the omnichannel service, 88% said they like that there is no shipping costs associated with it. Additionally, 77% indicated that they feel it’s easier to browse merchandise online, while 51% said they like the instant gratification of BOPUS (i.e., there’s no wait).

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The customer experience is extremely important these days, and BOPUS seems to be one of the keys in mastering it. Customers expect 24/7 access to product information and BOPUS offers them the immediacy, flexibility and reliability of in-store pick-up. They also can touch and test their purchases and immediately exchange or address any issues with customer service right away without having to deal with lengthy phone calls with an automated robot. Lastly, BOPUS can easily turn into BORIS, meaning buy online, return in store. Customers prefer to return online purchases to a physical store because they find it faster, easier and more efficient.

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