CVP Auto-boxing Benefits

Manually packed box vs CVP fit-to-size box

Parcel Packaging Revolutionized

  • Reduce Labor Costs 10 to 1 - One operator can do the work of 8 to 16 packing stations and laborers
  • Average of 50% Reduction in Shipped Parcel Volume - Save on shipping volume and an average of 32% on freight costs due to fit-to-size packaging technology
  • Reduce Material Costs - Significant costs savings with less corrugate usage, reduced box SKU inventory and minimized or eliminated void fill usage
  • 10 Times Faster - The CVP Automated Packaging Solution is 10 times faster than manual fulfillment and will increase throughput at a machine rate of 486 cartons per hour
  • Handles Diverse Product Mix - Ability to box single and multi-item orders that vary in dimensions
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Retail Giant Gains Shipping Efficiencies

Customer Case: Blokker

Blokker is an integral part of any Dutch shopping street. Discover how the largest retailer in the Netherlands is keeping up with their growing e-commerce demand. With the CVP Automated Packaging Solution, Blokker has had an annual reduction in shipping volume of approximately 30%.

Additional benefits include:

  • 10 times faster than manual packaging for quick customer delivery
  • Ability to box single or multi-item orders
  • Flexibility for seasonal peaks and future growth
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[White Paper] Packaging is Important

Reduce Box Inventory & Corrugate Usage Efficiencies

[White Paper] Packaging is Important

Not only does parcel packaging protect your product, but it is the first thing your customer sees direct from your business. Companies must train associates to choose the smallest box to deliver their parcels safely and efficiently, but that is often not the case.

  • 40% of online shoppers receive deliveries in oversized boxes
  • 83% of consumers have received parcels containing damaged items

Shippers need innovative ways to reduce costs in today's challenging market. If your company uses corrugate, chances are you can use less of it. Find out how to save an average of 29% in corrugate costs and create a positive customer experience in this White Paper.

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Want to auto-box single or multi-item orders?

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution is a fit-to-size automated packing solution that builds the smallest box around every order with one operator in seven seconds. Learn how the CVP will save you valuable dollars while creating labor, shipping and corrugate efficiencies.

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How it all adds up

The order fulfillment process is the lifeblood for e-commerce, 3PLs and manufacturing companies, and an automated packaging process can change everything, including transforming your packaging function from a cost center to a profit center.

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution ensures all steps of the package fulfillment process are optimized and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

It's your turn to expand your business potential in today's challenging market. Contact us now for more information about the CVP solution or a no charge ROI consultation to see if the CVP Automated Packaging Solution can save your business on labor, shipping and corrugate costs.
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