Corrugate Efficiencies with the CVP Automated Packaging Solution

Want to decrease variable size corrugate inventory and reduce corrugate usage by an average of 29%?

Corrugate Efficiencies with the CVP Automated Packaging Solution

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution handles a diverse product mix and reduces the dimensions of every order by building the minimum-sized box required. Proship does not require a long-term corrugate commodity contract and customers can purchase corrugate directly from suppliers. In addition, multiple box size inventory is significantly reduced by utilizing one corrugate fan fold width, eliminating over dozens of box inventory SKUs.

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Reduce Corrugate Materials To Add To Your Cost Savings

Customer Case Study: CDiscount

"With the CVP, we are now able to completely adjust the size of the parcel to the size of the goods which make up an order. This is a breakthrough and major step forward, not only in relation to our carbon footprint, but also in terms of economic impact."

- Pierre Yves Escarpit, Director Of Operations at CDiscount

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Ready for a new fulfillment solution?

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution is a fit-to-size automated packing solution that builds the smallest box around every order. Learn how the CVP will save you an average of 29% in corrugate costs and decrease your variable corrugate inventory.

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How it all adds up

The order fulfillment process is the lifeblood for e-commerce, 3PLs and manufacturing companies, and an automated packaging process can change everything, including transforming your packaging function from a cost center to a profit center.

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution ensures all steps of the package fulfillment process are optimized and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

It's your turn to expand your business potential in today's challenging market. Contact us now for more information about the CVP solution or a no charge ROI consultation to see if the CVP Automated Packaging Solution can save your business on labor, shipping and corrugate costs.

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The Perfect Automated Packaging Solution Is Here

shipping software

Save Even More by Integrating Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

The ProShip® Product Suite

It's more than just adding a label to every order. Directly integrate ProShip® shipping software with the CVP to realize an even greater cost savings! Automated rate shopping gives you the lowest possible freight costs on every shipment.

  • Fast, real-time processing of complex business rules and rating logic
  • Seamless integration with host systems and technologies
  • Track and trace visibility
  • Streamline returns and the reverse logistics process
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