Shipping Efficiencies with The CVP Packaging Solution

Reduce Shipping Volume Costs by an Average of 50% and Freight Costs by an Average of 32%

Shipping Efficiencies with the CVP Packaging Solution

The economics of wasted space - shipping items with air pillows or packing peanuts in a larger box than necessary is guaranteed to add unnecessary costs. The CVP packages each parcel in the minimum fit-to-size box required at the lowest possible cost, reducing or eliminating the need for void fill.

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DIM Weight formula

What is DIM?

In essence, the DIM model is based on a formula that establishes a minimum charge for the cubic space a package occupies. Dimensional weight price calculations are comprised of three fundamental components: the size of the shipping box, the box’s actual weight and the object inside the box.

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An oversized box at DIM weight can result in an additional 10-200% shipping costs

DIM Weight Effects on Carriers, Shippers and Customers

Larger-than-required boxes for the products they contain cause carrier vehicles to reach volume capacity before they reach physical weight capacity. Dimensional weight pricing should motivate shipping customers to choose the right-sized box for the contents it carries.

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Examples of Oversized Boxes at DIM Weight

  • Video Game Controller

    Video Game Controller

    Dimensions: 12” x 8” x 8”
    Actual Weight: 1 lb. ($8.13)
    DIM Weight: 6 lbs. ($10.89)
    Avg. Rate Impact: + 34%
    Avg. Monthly Impact (30 days)
    50 Packages/Day: + $4,140

  • purse

    Woman's Purse

    Dimensions: 19” x 15” x 5”
    Actual Weight: 2 lbs. ($9.10)
    DIM Weight: 11 lbs. ($11.94)
    Avg. Rate Impact: + 31%
    Avg. Monthly Impact (30 days)
    50 Packages/Day: + $4,260

  • pet bed

    Medium-Size Pet Bed

    Dimensions: 24” x 24” x 10”
    Actual Weight: 5 lb. ($10.68)
    DIM Weight: 41 lbs. ($26.33)
    Avg. Rate Impact: + 47%
    Avg. Monthly Impact (30 days)
    50 Packages/Day: + $23,475

SOURCE: Calculations based on 2016 FedEx List rates for Ground service across Zone 5 and DIM divisor 139. Surcharges are not included.

Reduce DIM and Shipping Costs With The CVP Automated Packaging Solution

Customer Case: Mason Companies

The average shipped box is 60% air! The problem? Because carriers use dimensional weight of parcels instead of actual weight (when DIM weight total is higher), larger but lightweight parcels incur unnecessarily higher shipping costs.

In this video, ProShip tells a fun story about how Mason Companies is seeing significant shipping cost savings per package with the CVP Automated Packaging Solution.

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Tackle DIM Weight Costs Every time

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution builds the smallest fit-to-size box around every order. Learn how the CVP will save you $1-$2 per package in packaging, shipping and DIM weight costs.

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How it all adds up

The order fulfillment process is the lifeblood for e-commerce, 3PLs and manufacturing companies, and an automated packaging process can change everything, including transforming your packaging function from a cost center to a profit center.

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution ensures all steps of the package fulfillment process are optimized and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

It's your turn to expand your business potential in today's challenging market. Contact us now for more information about the CVP solution or a no charge ROI consultation to see if the CVP Automated Packaging Solution can save your business on labor, shipping and corrugate costs.
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Save Even More by Integrating Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

The ProShip® Product Suite

It's more than just adding a label to every order. Directly integrate ProShip® shipping software with the CVP Automated Packaging Solution to realize an even greater cost savings! Automated rate shopping gives you the lowest possible freight costs on every shipment.

  • Fast, real-time processing of complex business rules and rating logic
  • Seamless integration with host systems and technologies
  • Track and trace visibility
  • Streamline returns and the reverse logistics process
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