CVP Auto-Boxing Features

CVP Automated Packaging Solution
  • 1. Corrugate Feeder

    Utilizes fan-fold corrugate for flexible box configurations and quick replenishment. CVP is agnostic to corrugate suppliers.

  • 2. Order Placement and Scan

    One operator places single or multi-item order on the CVP to be packaged every seven seconds. Ability to produce 350-420 packages per hour.

  • 3. 3D Item Scanner

    The 3D scanner captures an image of each order to determine the minimum box size required.

  • 4. Box Cut and Crease

    Corrugate is cut in a custom fit-to-size box that eliminates unnecessary volume and the need for void fill, and moves in one seamless and stable transition from conveyor to corrugate.

  • 5. Robotic Arm

    An invoice, packing slip or return label can be easily added to every order, and the pick-and-place robot will put it in the box just before it closes.

  • 6. Auto-boxing of Order

    Final corrugate creation around single or multi-item order in an American style box with no openings.

  • 7. Tape Unit

    Every box is securely taped on 2 sides, making it easy to open, recycle or re-purpose for returns, improving the customer experience.

  • 8. Weigh Station

    In-line scale captures and verifies order weight and measurements used for rate shopping software and quality assurance.

  • 9. In-line Print and Apply Label

    The CVP integrates seamlessly with rate shopping software and will print a carrier-compliant shipping label that is automatically applied to every box.

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Increase throughput and speed while driving out unnecessary costs

  • 88% reduction in packaging labor by eliminating 8 to 16 packing stations
  • 50% reduction in shipping volume
  • 32% reduction in freight costs
  • 38% reduction in material costs and eliminate or reduce corrugate box inventory SKUs
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CVP Services, Support Tools and Resources

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Rely on a full range of services, support tools and resources

Our support team is made up of experienced and trained professionals in the supply chain and IT fields, ensuring seamless and timely problem resolutions.

  • 24/7/365 support via phone or e-mail
  • Remote support utilizing embedded cameras - 90% of issues resolved remotely
  • Critical notifications for software maintenance
  • Escalation procedures for emergency issues
  • On-Site Tech Support
  • Genuine Parts DC - Memphis, TN
Download The CVP Automated Packaging Solution Brochure

Download The CVP Automated Packaging Solution Brochure

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ProShip Wins 2018 SDCE Top 100 Award

ProShip Wins 2018 SDCE Top 100 Award

CVP Automated Packaging Solution Selected as Innovative Supply Chain Project

ProShip’s CVP was selected for its fit-to-size packaging automation that optimizes all steps of order fulfillment. The innovative solution combines fit-to-size parcels with rate shopping to save a leading catalog/e-commerce distributor significant shipping costs per parcel.

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Integration Guide: Shipping Software and Automated Packaging


Utilized together (or separately), the CVP Automated Packaging Solution and ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software integrate seamlessly for order fulfillment optimization.

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How it all adds up

The order fulfillment process is the lifeblood for e-commerce, 3PLs and manufacturing companies, and an automated packaging process can change everything, including transforming your packaging function from a cost center to a profit center.

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution ensures all steps of the package fulfillment process are optimized and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

It's your turn to expand your business potential in today's challenging market. Contact us now for more information about the CVP solution or a no charge ROI consultation to see if the CVP Automated Packaging Solution can save your business on labor, shipping and corrugate costs.
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