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How Do Parcel Lockers Work? Watch to find out!

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Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers are an automated electronic locker system that securely stores packages for easy consumer retrieval at residences, retailers, universities, corporations and other locations.

How Residential Communities Benefit from Packcity Parcel Lockers

Video Case Study with The Ridge

What solutions are out there that help residential communities with parcel management? The stage is set at The Ridge, a modern residential complex in Austin, TX. Hear how Packcity Parcel Lockers are alleviating parcel headaches for both staff and residents.

Packcity Parcel Locker Interview with NAA TV

Watch the lockers in action!

Gaven Rolfe, Western Regional Territory Manager of Packcity, gives a quick demo and talks about the multiple benefits for apartment managers and their residents.

University of Pittsburgh Hits Home Run with Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers

Managing mail services for a large campus is no easy task. The University of Pittsburgh educates 24,980 undergraduate students, 10,034 graduate students and staffs over 7,000 employees. Among the challenges were the time it takes to deliver parcels to the staff and students, not to mention the cost, manpower and concern of security.

"My experience with Packcity has been outstanding. The product is well made, and it has cut down on our service times and delivery times."

- Matt Sloan, Senior Manager of Mailing and Warehouse Services, University of Pittsburgh

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