Hazmat Shipping

Providing validation and compliant shipping documents for dangerous goods shipments

ProShip Labelmaster Hazmat Shipping

Staying Ahead of Hazmat Compliance

ProShip keeps you confident in your shipping strategy, no matter what you ship.

As regulations for shipping hazmat items continue to expand and become more complex, companies that ship them face greater risk for non-compliance, including stopped shipments, supply chain delays, fines and more.

With ProShip, you can access up-to-date hazardous material tables, robust validation checks and compliant shipping papers.

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  • Improve Productivity

    ProShip® provides your employees with simple point-click-ship technology allowing them to be more productive with fewer errors.

  • Lower Costs

    Reduce labor costs by eliminating unnecessary steps and manual processes so your employees can focus on order fulfillment.

  • Keep Regulations Up-To-Date

    ProShip® supports printing of your 49CFR and IATA declarations and keeps them up-to-date.

  • Increase Revenue

    Increase your package volume and fulfill more orders by streamlining your hazmat shipping processes.

  • Multi-Carrier Compliant

    Easily produce shipping labels, manifests and hazmat documents in carrier-specified formats.

  • Avoid Fines/Returned Shipments

    Eliminate fines and returned shipments by ensuring that your hazmat packages are labeled correctly and the shipping papers are accurate.

Perkinelmer Case Study cover

ProShip® Delivers Hazmat Compliance and SAP Integration for PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer produces and ships reagents used in life sciences research and diagnostics, more than half of which are radioactive. ProShip® automated the complicated paperwork of hazardous and radioactive materials, which specify that the packing slip, the shipping label and a dangerous goods form must all be present with the correct box.


ProShip® is designed to optimize any shipping environment.

Take the next step today and discover the ProShip® advantage.

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