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Plan ahead. Reduce shipping costs. Ensure on-time delivery.

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Making Your Multi-Carrier Shipping Strategy Easy & Profitable

With Advanced Date Shopping options.

ProShip's rate shopping algorithms go above and beyond what other multi-carrier shipping solutions offer. Compare good, better and best options to fit your business needs and to meet or exceed your customer's delivery promise.

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    Cost-based rate shopping (lowest cost).

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    Calculates cost plus time-in-transit.

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    Advanced Date Shopping [patent pending] allows you to plan ahead to exceed delivery commitment.

A package traveling from California to New York

Impress Customers During Peak Season

So a package needs to be delivered from New York to California by December 20th?

With advanced date shopping, the order can be shipped the week before, allowing ground service to be used for the five-day shipment. Both the retailer and customer save on shipping costs while ensuring satisfaction during the busiest times of the year.

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Why Rate Shopping?

What Rate Shopping Can Do For Your Business
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