Using ProShip utilities to show functionality

ProShip® Utilities

Included tools that make ProShip deeply functional.

Whether it's a setup question, a configuration change, a screen customization, a troubleshooting need, or a carrier update, ProShip® includes all the tools essential for productivity. Together, they provide the ease of use that ProShip customers know and appreciate.

  • ProShip® Enterprise Setup Tool (PEST)

    A part of the ProShip® Server, the ProShip® Enterprise Setup Tool (PEST) provides detailed step-by-step instructions for implementing and using ProShip® Server and all of the other ProShip® modules. The tool includes illustrations for carrying out the implementation process and for using the ProShip® Product Suite.

  • ProShip® Update Tool

    The ProShip® Update Tool is used to keep ProShip® up-to-date with the latest software enhancements, carrier rates and service updates. Changes can be made as often as necessary and are downloadable by the user when convenient. All changes are extremely well documented, automatic and backward compatible - and completely version safe.

ProCyclopedia screen


A one-stop compendium for all things ProShip®.

As a ProShip customer, you have exclusive access to ProCyclopedia, an online wiki-based website detailing the ProShip® Product Suite, ProShip® Applications and ProShip® Utilities.

ProCyclopedia also provides detailed specifications for all ProShip-compliant carriers. When carriers issue new regulations, they're posted in ProCyclopedia.

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