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7 Ways to Accelerate ROI with ProShip Shipping Software

Investing in better shipping pays back big. Shipping is a sustainable tactic that elevates the customer experience, builds brand loyalty, increases sales and turns customers into loyal advocates.

In this eBook, you will find proven industry statistics, ROI equations and testimonials to demonstrate how shipping software pays back big.

  • Invest in the right multi-carrier shipping software
  • Expand your carrier portfolio and increase shipping options
  • Automate your shipping functions
  • Accelerate your company's growth
  • Pay your company dividends
  • Outperform your competition
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We saw an ROI with ProShip software in about a month.

Pat Sullivan, Distribution Center and Logistics Manager at Mason Companies

ProShip's Supply Chain Solutions Making Waves at Mason Companies

Customer Case Study

What does it take to get your online order filled, packed and shipped? In this video, ProShip tells a fun story about how an online order makes its way from a shopping cart all the way to its final delivery.

With the combination of the CVP-500 automated packing system and ProShip shipping software, Mason Companies is seeing significant cost savings per package and shipping orders faster than ever. Now that's a story to watch!

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ProShip ROI Equation

Faster Shipment Processing

Use the equation to calculate your cost savings!​

ProShip’s powerful multi-carrier shipping engine, along with improved physical flow, can decrease the amount of time and effort it takes to ship a package without incurring additional costs. The example shows how much a company would save if it shipped 3,000 packages per day, saving 5 seconds per package and assuming $24 per hour as the cost of a fully burdened employee. That's $26,208 in savings each year.

ProShip® can also drastically reduce the time it takes to process a single LTL or TL order. If it currently takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to process an order, our automated software can produce the required paperwork in just 1 to 2 minutes.

For example: Assuming $24 per hour is the cost of a fully burdened employee, and there are 35 LTL/TLs per day and you save 15 minutes per order, then the cost savings of 8.75 hours per day at $24 an hour = $210.00 per day, or $54,600 per year.

ProShip Package Tracking Screen

Order Visibility

Multi-mode track & trace

ProShip® allows complete order visibility within the enterprise and instant tracking once packages leave your facility. This visibility will empower customers to track their own packages, which in turn saves time for your shipping and customer service departments.

Example: By giving customers the ability to track their own shipment, you will save money even if you are only getting 20, 5-minute calls per day. Assuming $24.00 per hour is the cost of a fully burdened employee and you save 20, 5-minute calls per day, then the cost savings is 1.6 hours each day. With 260 work days a year, this equals $9,984 per year in savings.

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Carrier delivering a package

More Accurate Shipping

Improve on-time delivery performance.

Custom address validation modules within our shipping software provide accurate address validation. This can reduce or eliminate carrier charges for address corrections, thus allowing you to improve on-time delivery performance for your customers. Address verification can also improve the integrity of your internally stored customer information. Bar codes and bar code scanners eliminate the chance for human error in the fulfillment process. These tools ensure each order is correctly picked and packed.

While savings in this area are generally difficult to quantify, every mis-picked, mis-packed, mis-labeled, or mis-shipped customer order results in an additional cost per shipment or a delay in the fulfillment process that can cost a sale or even a customer.

ProShip Shipping Software screen

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Carrier holding packages waiting to deliver

Automated Rate Shopping

Reduce your total carrier spend.

ProShip® multi-carrier shipping software includes a time-in-transit and rate matrix that gives you information on the most cost-effective and time-efficient method of transit for all your carriers. For example, if your annual costs per carrier are:

  • UPS = $125,000
  • FedEx = $125,000
  • LTL = $50,000

Your total carrier spend per year is $300,000.

The average savings from automated rate shopping can exceed 5% of total annual carrier spend. So, if your total carrier spend is $300,000 per year and you save just 5%, you’ve achieved a savings of $15,000 per year.

Multi-carrier compliance

Achieve Additional Savings Through

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Evaluate the complete transportation spend by any searchable data field to effectively manage freight costs.

  • Customized Labeling

    Reduce carrier charge-backs for non-compliant labeling and reduce the overall amount spent on freight.

  • International Shipping (ACE Filings)

    ProShip’s real-time connection to the ACE system allows you to improve efficiency and productivity by automating the AES filing process.

  • Scalability

    ProShip® expands with your business, eliminating the need to spend time, energy and the cost of shopping for a new solution.

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