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Mason Companies Benefits from ProShip® Shipping Software

Mason Companies is an e-commerce company that has 11 catalogs and online stores where they sell everything from TV’s to shoes to flooring.

ProShip® is an integral part to their automation and their success. ProShip® handles all of their barcode labels – from product labels to shipping labels to return labels. Rate shopping through ProShip® has also helped Mason significantly reduce their shipping costs. As Mason continues to grow, ProShip® grows with them to make sure that they never skip a beat.

"I would certainly recommend ProShip® to any company of any size shipping anything. They've been a good partner of ours and they were able to do all the things we needed."

- Pat Sullivan, Distribution Center Manager at Mason Companies

ProShip Helps Large Coffee Company Manage Immense E-Commerce Growth

The immense growth in e-commerce orders had San Francisco Bay Coffee Company (SFB) looking for a more robust shipping solution that would seamlessly integrate with their ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With a 400 percent increase in orders per month between 2014 and 2015, SFB needed to process these orders faster and more cost-effectively. That’s why they chose ProShip®.

"ProShip® is our shipping solution now and moving forward."

- Matthew McGinley, Director of IT at San Francisco Bay Coffee

ProShip® Automates Trek's Global Shipping Operations, Saving Time and Money

Trek is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. They continuously evaluate manufacturing processes and business practices - one of those being smarter shipping. Learn how ProShip® has allowed Trek to create better efficiencies in the warehouse, grow seamlessly with their international locations and automate their transportation decisions saving both time and money.

“We don’t have to try to support the old homegrown systems. We’re now letting ProShip, the expert, do what it does best and support the systems for us.”

- Tom Spoke, IT Global Distribution Manager at Trek Bicycle

ProShip® Increases Barrett's Competitive Advantage

Hear how ProShip® helped with Barrett's omnichannel growth and improved efficiencies in customer service, giving them a competitive advantage in the 3PL industry.

"We would not have been able to grow as quickly as we have without the support of ProShip. I would recommend ProShip® without hesitation to my peers."

- Art Barrett, President of Barrett Distribution Centers

ProShip® Expedites Tens of Thousands of Packages to Waiting Pet Owners

It was time to scratch the existing shipping software and install a new system that would provide responsive customer support, seamless integration with the warehouse management system, and sophisticated rate shopping and carrier compliance. ProShip® was their software of choice.

"It was an overwhelmingly positive experience. They came through with what they said they were going to; bottom line, they exceeded our expectations."

- Ron Sasek, IT Manager at Drs. Foster & Smith

  • Greg Wiltse, Director of Warehouse IT at TigerDirect

    "Since ProShip® was introduced to the TigerDirect warehouse, 90 percent of our shipments have become completely automated. ProShip® has made my life very easy."

    View TigerDirect Case Study

  • Mark Ruester, Manager of IT Applications at Medela

    "Software updates are performed easily in a timely manner with little to no down time, and a service help desk assists any user in the company with shipping issues, as needed."

    View Medela Case Study

  • Jake Vogel, VP of Operations at Fifth Gear

    "The ProShip® Software Suite allows the magic to happen between order placement and delivery that allows us to continually earn our customers' trust."

    View FifthGear case study

  • Dave O'Toole, Director of Supply Chain Operations at World Wide Technology

    "Today we take a large step forward to standardize and streamline our shipping processes for Parcel shipping. To quote Jason Daniels "This is a game changer for our shipping department!"".

  • Tammy M., Project Manager at Ghirardelli

    "Working with the engineers during the ProShip® installation and integration was awesome, the entire process went smoothly. It has been great working with ProShip!”

  • Darlene B., Technical Lead at American Girl

    "ProShip has been a great partner for American Girl. Your staff’s ability to be immediately responsive and fix any issues right away has been much appreciated."

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