EDI Adapter: How it Works

ProShip Universal EDI Adapter Diagram

How it Works

Optimize Your EDI Process

You can count on the experts at ProShip to integrate and transform data to and from compliant to non-standard or customized systems through a cost-effective and supportable process.

  • ProShip Universal Adapter

    Handles communications to SPS and converts XML into iSeries normalized files.

  • ProShip Client Adapter

    Tools, process and a methodology bridge the final gap to integrate the iSeries files with your ERP system.

ProShip Universal EDI Adapter Integration Diagram

ProShip Universal Adapter

Working with Your Systems

The ProShip Universal EDI Adapter is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and technologies to simplify the EDI process. With one connection, you are immediately connected to current and prospective customers that can boost your business, now and in the future.

Maximize Your Profit and Efficiencies.

Our EDI experts will help review your EDI needs and requirements.