E-commerce is changing everything, and in order to keep up with the growing industry, healthcare companies need a solution they can trust.

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Finding a flexible and scalable shipping solution that relieves your unique pain points, such as security, time sensitivity, compliance, hazmat, tracking and business rules is imperative. ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software is the answer.

Looking into optimizing your e-commerce strategy or thinking of creating one? Let ProShip alleviate compliance hurdles so you can start competing.

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ProShip Healthcare Industry Blog

The Influence of E-Commerce on the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is prepared to spend an estimated $32 billion on e-commerce and web services technology annually, and consumer retail spending for medical devices has reached $48.5 billion.

The Pains of Making a Play in Healthcare E-Commerce
ProShip Healthcare Industry Medela

Featured in Healthcare: Medela

As a leading manufacturer in the medical device industry, Medela knows that shipping can be a complex process.

As a supplier of breastpumps, breastfeeding supplies and healthcare solutions not only are Medela’s manufacturing processes subject to regulatory overview, but its distribution processes are as well.

In addition to dealing with the frequently changing carrier requirements, Medela needed to find a true solution for its shipping needs.

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ProShip Labelmaster

Stay Ahead of Hazmat Compliance

ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software will now allow dangerous goods shippers to access up-to-date hazardous materials (hazmat) tables, robust validation checks and compliant shipping papers with partnership with Labelmaster.

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Labelmaster onDemand Webinar

[On-Demand Webinar] Living Dangerously: Demystifying Hazmat Shipping

As part of The ProS Who Know: A Virtual Event Hyperfocused on Hazmat Shipping

Procurement, classification, and compliant shipping are important activities in the immense world of dangerous goods (DG) shipping. They are easy to understand separately, but harder to grasp holistically. In this session, we explore the roadmap of a DG shipping process and debunk today's most common misconceptions about hazmat shipping.

Featured Experts:
Mario Sagastume, Vice President Software and Customer Success at Labelmaster
Clint Boaz, Senior Sales Engineer at ProShip, Inc.

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